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10/23/2011 - I started imaging all of the floppies that came with the Series II I bought last year. There are a LOT of them. I'll keep adding to this directory as I image them:

CMI Floppy Images - Jeff's Disks


Big thanks to Steve Rance for providing this space for Fairlight CMI info and disk images!

I'm going to be working on a less spartan layout for the site... :-)


Hey, I designed some t-shirts with the old Fairlight logo! If you want one, they are available here.


CMI Series III Service Manual - 40.3 MB

CVI Service Manual - 11.8 MB


And this is a scan of an old notebook I received from a former Fairlight engineer, Guy Dunphy.

It includes a lot of great stuff on the internals of the CMI software!

Guy's CMI Notebook - 10.7 MB


Here are ImageDisk images of all of my IIx and III floppies. There are also zipfiles containing all of each collection, in case you want everything.

CMI Floppy Images


ImageDisk is a fantastic utility created by Dave Dunfield. Here is a link to his website, from which you can download ImageDisk (as well as instructions for connecting an 8" floppy drive to a PC):



I really need to organize all of this better, but for now, here's some New Stuff - 10/27/2008

FCN 1-26 - 33.4 MB (If you have other FCNs, I would really like to scan them - my address at this domain (nonmaskable.com) is joe)

FCN Summary 1993 - 2.5 MB

Memory Diags - 2.12 MB

Output Board Calibration - 2.6MB

CMI331 Checklist - 2 MB

Adaptec Board Config - 246 KB

CMI Series III HD Formatting - 1.2 MB

QASAR Manual - 18.9 MB (This is pretty cool, it's from 1980. Also from Guy Dunphy. Looks like good info for hacking on the I/II/IIx.)

Vertex/Priam V100 Series Service Manual - 12MB (Includes some hand-drawn reverse-engineered schematics of unknown origin)


Update 2/23/2009:

Here are the hard-to-find schematics for the CMI-01 and CMI-01A Series I & II voice cards:

CMI-01 Schematic - 3MB

CMI-01A Schematic - 4.5MB

And here is a schematic for the (obscure?) Q050 Dual TVT card:

Q050 Schematic - 3.2MB


Update 3/12/2009:

Reference manual for the Series III, Version 8:

Series III Rev 8 - 20MB


Update 4/1/2009:

WaveSuper (CMI41) Rev 1 Schematic - 8.5MB


Update 4/12/2009:

CMI-02 Rev 5 (6?) Schematic - 2.7MB


Update 5/17/2010:

CVI User Manual (OCR'ed) - 26MB

CMI-28 SMIDI card design notes - 5.5MB